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We pride ourselves on having the ability to handle complex family law litigation without losing sight of the smaller, emotionally- fraught details that often mean the most to the people we represent.

Located in Cary, NC, our firm’s law practice encompasses divorce, alimony, child custody/ parenting time, child support, paternity, pre and post nuptial agreements, separate agreements, maintenance and modification and enforcement of those issues.

The purpose of an initial consultation is to provide you with a level of comfort and knowledge as to how North Carolina law may apply to your particular domestic situation. Being adequately prepared is an essential piece of the puzzle when dealing with many complex and contested issues.


Separation and Divorce in North Carolina can involve complex legal issues that require careful consideration.  Your domestic situation may be unique and we can guide you thru the process to make the right decisions for you and your family. Learn More


We have a wealth of experience helping small business owners with business and regulatory matters. We can guide you through the complicated process of choosing a business entity and incorporating your new business.  Learn More


We handle typical buyer and seller real estate transactions in the greater Triangle market. Please see our Real Estate page for more information and useful Buyer and Seller forms. Learn More


We offer estate planning legal services such as wills and power of attorney forms to assist you in carefully planning for your future as well as that of your family and business. Our office provides legal counsel and directs you through a planning process which can otherwise seem overwhelming. Learn More

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