• Do Not Neglect Your Finances: Separation and Divorce can be difficult and expensive! Watch your spending and keep track of your finances.  Create a monthly budget and make sure to stick to it.  Keep in mind that information related to how you spend money may be used against you so make smart choices with your financial decisions.
  • Never Hide Assets or Money: Everyone is tempted to hide assets or put money aside that they believe they are entitled to that they would rather not “share”.  Disclosure of assets is required under North Carolina law. By hiding this information, you can put yourself at risk and can lead to serious consequences. The better course of action is to be open and honest., If this leads to a fight in court, then so be it.
  • Do Not Use Joint Accounts: Joint accounts are problematic for a number of reasons including access to a wealth of information such as what stores you go to, where you get your dry cleaning,  and what you are spending money on to name a few. Be sure to establish your own accounts to protect your assets and privacy.  Consider beginning a relationship with a new financial institution to provide greater separation and  keep confusion to a minimum.  Additionally, obtain new credit cards so that you have your own independent accounts.
  • Do Not Rely On Advice From Family and Friends: Your family and friends mean well and want to help  but they are not legal experts.  Please seek the advice of a legal professional to be sure to protect yourself, your finances, and your children, if applicable.
  • Stay Off Social Media: Releasing your anger feels good and informing people know what you are going through can be therapeutic. However, there can be serious legal implications using social media and can have dire implications for your case moving forward.  The safest option is the avoid social media altogether until your divorce is finalized.
  • Do Not Be Overly Contentious: People who argue during this time tend to have longer and more expensive legal battles.  Instead of fighting over everything, look at the big picture, decide what major points are important to you, and try to move toward a long term goal.  Even if you don’t think your spouse can be mature through this process, you can control your responses and move forward in a positive direction for yourself and your family.
  • Don’t Go it on Your Own — Retain an Attorney: Folks are tempted to do it themselves and avoid the cost of a lawyer. However, you need a counselor on your side who can give you good advice, guide you through the process, and can tell you the truth about your case.  You need someone who knows the system and can fight on your behalf.  It’s worth the money!

Marital Separation and Divorce is a stressful and emotional process that can last longer than you would like. Take the necessary steps to reduce that stress by hiring an attorney. By obtaining legal representation, you can control who is advocating on your behalf and ensure that you come out of this difficult process with a fair outcome for you and your family.

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