Things to consider before you handle your own Separation & Divorce

Separation and Divorce takes time

You cannot get divorced in North Carolina unless you have been separated for 1 calendar year.  Therefore, the process of separation and divorce in NC is by definition a lengthy process.  Participants get tired quickly and the process seems to never end as you think about it day in and day out.  You need a professional advisor who can assist you in making the decisions that will help you accomplish your short term and long term goals. 

If a separation and divorce is contentious it can take a significant amount of time to gather and review all the necessary information and documentation before you can proceed.  If you are going to make sure that you obtain a positive outcome, you are going to need to do a lot of research and invest a significant amount of time.  When you combine this with the emotion issues that you will be dealing with it will inevitably be difficult to manage the process objectively.  You need help to make sound choices and decisions.

You don’t know what you don’t know

A lawyer is aware of many things that go on throughout this process and things that happen to families and couples during this process.  Frankly your lawyer will be aware of issues that you didn’t even know you should consider.  For example, you may not know the tax implications of your divorce.  Is the amount of financial support reasonable under all the circumstances?  It can be difficult for someone to handle all of the issues past, present, and future.  Legal advisors know how the process works and handle these matters day in and day out and can help protect you as you embark on the next chapter of your life.

Contested Divorces are Messy

You should never be involved in a contested divorce alone.  At the end of your marriage, you may feel very alone, but there is no reason for you to embark on a fight for the rest of your life alone.  You need a lawyer to assist you in deciding what to fight for and when to fight and how to work out a fair and reasonable agreement.  You should not fall into a trap of agreeing to something you aren’t sure of just to be done or to get the divorce over with.  Conversely you don’t want to draw the matter out too long or go before a judge just because you can’t talk about it.  Working with a lawyer can help you to resolve everything in a favorable manner, which can actually save you money long term.

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