Crisis Management & Professional Licensure Defense

Crisis Management

We represent and advise clients in preparing for, avoiding and managing a wide range of corporate crises involving legal, business, and public relations issues. We understand how critical it is to protect your business and your reputation with the least amount of negative publicity possible.

We counsel our corporate clients on how to avoid or mitigate a crisis and develop proactive crisis management plans to help minimize damage to their company.

Professional Licensure Defense

Jonathan McCollum understands what it is like to spend years and quite a bit of money completing training and/ or education to qualify to be given a license to work in a particular profession. Often people who do so plan their lives around this profession both in the concept of their identity but also in planning for their financial future and that of their family. People often base their self-worth and who they are around being a part of a particular profession. It gives people a sense of pride beyond earning a living when someone says to their piers “I am a nurse,” or “I am an attorney,” etc.…

This makes it even more traumatic when someone is the recipient of a complaint or an alleged violation from their regulatory or licensing board. Mr. McCollum understands personally the sacrifices one makes in order achieve success and be a part of a particular profession. As such Mr. McCollum represents clients before licensing agencies and boards. Should you be in this situation, or need assistance either because you have received a notice that there is an alleged violation please feel free to contact our office so that we can assist you during this difficult time.

Additionally, should you be applying to obtain a license to work or practice in a particular field and have to appear before a board or committee or otherwise have questions regarding your application or qualifications please feel free to contact us. We have experience with Character and Fitness hearings and other pre-licensing matters and would love to assist you as you work toward this step in your career.


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